Protagoniştii seriei Grand Theft Auto:

GTA 1-GTA london 1961

You Choose beetween 8 protagonists

list coming soon

GTA 2 - Claude Speed(SCott Maslen in the movie)

GTA 3 - Claude,Fido,DEFNAM,DEFAULT NAME,Made Man

GTA VC - Tommy Vercetti

GTA SA - Carl "CJ" Johnson

GTA A - Mike

GTA:LCS - Toni CIpriani

GTA:VCS - Victor Vance

GTA 4 - Niko Bellic

GTA:EFLC - Bruccie kibutz,Luis Lopez

GTA 5 - Michael,Franklin,Trevor Philips

Screenshots and categories with all the protagonists soon


Enemy of protagonist

protagonist kills the antagonist and they are enemies

GTA 3 - catalina

GTA vc - Sonny FOrelli

GTA SA- Frank Tenpenny

GTA VCS Diego Mendez,Jerry Martinez

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