bloodring sabre turbo hotring hotrina romero's hearse love fist limo trashmaster caddie rhino bloodring rancher bobcat stretch hydra vortex hovercraft dodo quad tanker truck dozer rustler stunt plane monster truck linerunner packer petro baggage handler tug landstalker fire truck ambulance police car fbiwasinghton fbi rancher police maverick police helicopter deaddodo skimmer burrito manana gruppe sechs securicar glendale oceanic sentinel sentinel xs mower cheetah infernus gang burrito hot dog greenwood cuban hermes woodoo angel pcj-600 freeway sanchez fcr-900 baggage romero journey bike bmx mouintain bike streetfighter banshee zr-350 alpha andromada at-400 airtain patriot rhino brracks barracks ol (a) barracks ol cartel cruiser yardie lobo mafia sentinel mr wong mule yankee pony roadrunner admiral moonbeam camper hotring hotring racer hotrina hotrinb bloodring banger bloodring bloodrina bloodrinb manchez dirt bike hermes broadway rustler hustler ferry luton panto esperanto esparanto kuruma fbi car vice cheetah enforcer dune wayfarer hotknife euros copcarla copcarsf copcarlv police policecar fbicarla fbicarsf fbicarlv rabger fire trucka ranger badger diablo stallion stallion idaho nrg-500 sabre cholo sabre beater

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